What's My Cape Cod Home Worth


When determining value it is imperative initially to have an understanding of your market place.

  • Knowledge of the homes on the active market, either by appointment or attending an open house, affords the opportunity to see the competition for your home. You can then compare strengths and weaknesses which help a buyer to make a choice.

  • Demand also comes into play. If inventory is low, then demand is high and this impacts price. The number, as well as the style of house in the neighborhood, is to be considered.

  • A third factor is the condition of the home. Buyers respond positively to homes that appear well maintained as this fosters a level of confidence that there are no hidden problems. Having a documented preventative maintenance plan in place is very desirable.

  • Buyers also want to be able to move in without having to update kitchens, etc. Improvements need to be carefully planned, within keeping with the style as well as the price of the house. Buyers do not want to pay for an "over the top" improvement. 

  • A comparative market analysis can be provided by one of Our Agents to help you to determine the right price for your property.

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